Cover Crops

  • Grasses

    Annual Ryegrass - Tetra Brand, quality, robust, high yielding grass.

     BMR Corn - Low lignin variety, high sugar content.

     BMR Sorghum Sudangrass - Improved digestability and palatability.

    Cereals - Barley, Fall Rye, Oats, Triticale.

      Crown Millet - Rapid maturity, drought tolerance.

     Festulolium - Hykor or Merlin - cross between Meadow Fescue or Tall Fescue and Italian ryegrass. 

     German Millet - later maturing millet, medium stem thickness, good resistance to lodging .

     Italian Ryegrass - Melquatro - tetraploid variety, quality, high yielding grass .

     Japanese Millet - Quick growing leafy plant, good for hay or grazing.

     Teff Grass - Drought tolerant fine leaves, good regrowth.

  • Broadleaves

    Buckwheat - very fast growing, many uses, quick ground cover, very good weed suppressant.

     Chicory - short lived perennial, strong taproot, excellent grazing, high sugar leaves.

     Forage Collards - large leaves, good regrowth.

    Kale Marrowstem - Inka Brand, high yielding, tall, moderate leaf to plant ratio.

      Phacelia - Balo Brand, nematode - neutral, attracts bees/insects, improves soil, deep root.

     Plaintain - perennial with high sugar grazing plant, natural dewormer, natural antibiotic.

     Turnip - Hercules Brand, loosens the surface soil, nutrient scavenger.

  • Legumes

    Berseem - Winner Brand - High quality and protein rich feed, roots penetrate soil evenly and deep root opens up soil very well.

     Chickling Vetch - Drought tolerant that is a high nitrogen fixer.

     Common Vetch - Ebena Brand - grows well in blends with peas, high protein feed, rapid development, high proportion leaves.

    Crimson Clover - Heusers Ostsaat Brand - Excellent green manure, deep root system, fast growing, fine stems.

      Hairy Vetch - Hungvillosa Brand - may over-winter, grows well in blends with peas, high protein feed, rapid development, high proportion leaves.

     Persian Clover - Laser Brand - fine stemmed, very leafy that produces high quality feed, defense root system.

More species available

  • Custom Blend Cover Crops are also available