Liquid Fertilizer

We offer the complete lineup of Alpine starter and foliar fertilizers including micro nutrients

Alpine G22 

Alpine K24 

Alpine F18

Alpine K20S

Alpine HKW 18

Micro nutrients 




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Bio-Sul Premium Plus

Bio-Sul is a blend of 70% recycled elemental sulfur and 30% recycled Class A compost.

Bio-Sul allows for a slow, sustained release of sulfur over 3-5 years.

Custom application available

Please contact for any questions.

Eleven Fertilizer

Eleven fertilizer is a starter fertilizer containing 11 nutrients in a single granule. 


- Lower salt index than 11-52-0, making it more seed safe 

- P in a more efficient form than in 11-52-0

- Already in one granule 

Contact us if you are interested in Eleven.

Granular Fertilizer

LD Seeds offers granular fertilzer as well

Urea (46-0-0-0)

MAP (11-52-0-0)

Potash (0-0-60-0)

Ammonium Sulphate (20.5-0-0-24)

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  • Custom Blend Cover Crops are also available